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Review: William R. Soldan’s So Fast, So Close Is An Unapologetic Roller Coaster of Middle American existence.

As featured on Econoclash Review: So Fast, So Close by William R. Soldan is a modern-day poetic eulogy to the forgotten white male voices of middle America that have been left to forge a path of greatness without preparation and devoid of the mythical racial privilege. With this poetic outing, Soldan has created a […]

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Review: Gwendolyn Brooks’ Annie Allen Is A Quintessential What The Fuck For Poetry Lovers

As featured on Econoclash Review: Annie Allen by Gwendolyn Brooks is a Pulitzer Prize winning poetry collection, winning the prestigious award after publication in 1949.  Since then the work has become somewhat forgotten and mislabeled; for decades Brooks’ legend has always stated that her rhythmically simplistic poem We Real Cool was the poem that […]

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