DALLAS, TX – According to Texas governor Greg Abbott, Coat hangers are a gateway to abortion.  That’s why he plants to defund coat hanger companies in a concentrated effort to ensure no abortions happen.  This is why he has fired his current director of Health and Human Services Cecile Young, and assumed the role himself on an interim basis.

Abbott, an anti-abortion and anti-contraception advocate, is an opponent of defunding coat hangers to prevent what he calls ‘alternative abortion practices’.

“Not one woman has used a coat hanger in a gateway to abortion.  Not one,” Abbot replied.  “The fact of the matter is that coat hangers are trampling on the right to life in this country.”

Coat hangers, which are currently legal in the United States for multipurpose usages, have now come under scrutiny from conservatives like Abbot, who believes them to be weapons of fetal destruction and infringes on a right to life equal to conventional birth control measures. 

“Coat hangers infringe on a fetus’ right to live when taken in the wrong hands.” Abbot said at a Trump rally Thursday.  “If women don’t want babies they should keep their legs closed.”

Abbott isn’t just going after coat hangers.  Sources say he is also targeting less effective measures of birth control, such as nickels, which he says were used in his grandmother’s day as a diaphragm. 

“Sex is not meant to be anything more than a vessel of life.  Whether it’s a condom, coat hanger, or nickel, I will ensure the womb remains chaste to bring forth life.” Abbot reported.

Last week Abbott passed one of the most restrictive laws for abortion in the nation, which gave rise to Terminator Abortion Bounty Hunters.