A Big Black Dick Has Never Taken Out White People

Brother Melvin (Melvin Van Peebles for the squares that don’t know) died this year.  For that reason alone I’ve decided to revisit my review of Sweet Sweetback’s Bad Ass Song.  After careful review people, it’s still a piece of shit.  No, I’m not offended by the pornographic bent of the book nor the film.  If people want to fuck badly on paper or in the shit movie that’s their business.  I’m even okay with the folklore of Melvin Van Peebles catching VD fucking for real on set and getting workman’s compensation after lying about it being a pornography, though it was a fruitless effort that wasn’t worth it in the end.  I can live with his fucked up artistic choices fine.  It’s the entire plot, or lack thereof, that makes this one of thee most over rated books to ever be released.

Like I get it, Sweetback “sticking it to the man” literally with the kiddie big black dick that made women molest and rape him as a young boy (totally ignoring statutory rape and child abuse committed against him by whores that probably had more venereal diseases than groupies at a Van Halen concert) is the stuff of American legend at this point.  The big black dick sticking it to the oppressive whites riding him and keeping him from 100% of his money performing sex shows with a drag queen master of ceremonies definitely shouts REVOLUTION in the wee hours of the morning.  But it is unforgivable that Sweetback’s entire motivation is to stay one step ahead of the law after running afoul of them for not staying in his nigger place, and the only way he seems to be able to do that is fucking with his big black dick every time a white biker offers up his slut.

Of course most of Black America of the generation this book was released have tied Sweetback into a weird cult of black militancy in America because a manhunt of slinging dick and potentially leaving behind child support mouths to feed pillar to post is being mad as hell and not taking it any more.

The cops that are hunting them surely went on to retire and totally switch careers becoming cuckolds upon retirement because they are more obsessed with his big black dick than the women are.  That seems to be a subplot of the book, white cops feelings and their obsession with killing a big black dick like it’s a big black snake slithering in the yard.  And that’s the fucking book.  The big black dick of Sweetback slithering to the next hide out, getting betrayed, getting fucked, getting the man off his back, being rated X by an all white jury because the big black dick is the only sword one needs to fight.

Hey, it worked for the white women protesting for George Floyd’s murder after they saw his porn film so I guess that’s the demographic that bought this fucking book.

Not a fan of the film. Not a fan of the book adaptation. Probably one of thee most overrated film/book combos of all time solely because the Black Panthers made this required viewing instead of The Spook Who Sat By The Door.  I just can’t believe fifty years later this book is a “classic” when it is so one dimensional and perpetuates the stereotype that a black revolution is completely dependent on how well black men lay pipe.  Sweet Sweetback is as entertaining as a prostate exam after eating White Castle.  Melvin Van Peebles has done much better than this.