White Exploitation that would make Angie Dickenson blush.

Hell hath no fury like a money hungry Snake Slayer.

This novel is fucking incredible, a tour de force of one ex-bartender bitch (and trust and believe that is putting it mildly) named Deria that’s out to get that bag.  If she has to serve drinks to parlay with the type of people making big bags she will; if she has to play a girlfriend to earn confidence and throw pussy out there in the wind like candy it ain’t no thing.  I’m going to lay out how crazy this fucking novel is in the beginning, and the roller coaster action it’s going to give and keep giving.  Now the book cover is shit WHICH IS A TRAVESTY – the chick looks like a bootleg Linda Hamilton FBI agent on the hunt for a serial killer – but don’t let that keep you from reading this.  Put a paperbag over it and jump on in.

Deria is a bit of a cunt chameleon.  When we are first introduced to her, Kyle, and Russ she’s playing the damsel in distress.  Kyle and Russ about to run a number playing jack boys settling up with a blackmailer for half the cash being used to bait him.  To make sure Deria stays put they restrain her and barricade her in a room.  Now Kyle and Russ go be about that work that winds up being a fuck up of sorts, since Kyle suspects Russ is going to kill him and Russ suspects Kyle is in on the blackmail with the blackmailer, so they are touch and go jacking the blackmailer and his car to get the fuck back to the rendezvous point to whack his ass.

Now they do kill him, and of course Russ kills Kyle because he greedy as shit, but jokes on him because he only made three stacks for two dead bodies.  But this dude is like hood white ghetto trash, so he thinks he got the win.  I mean it’s hilarious seeing him slide to the liquor store for that bottle of third shelf liquor so he can go back and get his dick wet with Deria.  Only her ass done broke free and broke out on his ass.  She not where they left her.  Her ass gets the jump on him and THAT’S when we find out they in bed together.  Now the three stacks ain’t enough for her.  She hatches a plan to go and run to Freddie’s, the guy that put the hit out on the blackmailer, and get what she feels Russ has coming.  Deria is a killer who knows she’s a killer.  She’s so bad ass killing she scares the shit out of Russ on the mission and that dude is murking motherfuckers with shots to the face!  And these two psychos go and do the damn thing Commando style and lay everybody’s guts out and cop a sizeable donation. And that’s still not enough for her! This that bitch that’s like we coming back after the cops steal what ain’t glued to the table to get the hidden bags in the walls!

Like, really?  YES, FUCKING REALLY. 

So they come back and get to knocking out walls and shit and get that MAJOR PAYCHECK.  I’m talking that shopping spree on Rodeo Drive money.  Now they got a different problem with major weight sitting in an apartment and anybody being able to grift them.  So Deria calls her ex Vern, who broke up with her for being too bloodthirsty (and this is coming from a stone cold killer), to launder the paper.  That’s when the book really takes off because Deria being Deria ain’t going to stop until the last dollar gets collected. She ain’t mad at what the dick did to her.  She mad the dick ain’t coming with them dollars.

That’s just the beginning yall.  Hook or fucking crook Deria is going to get that paper by any means necessary.

Rob Pierce is one genius son of a bitch with this one.  I mean he was on one with this incredible epic that would be perfect vehicle for a villainous Stella Stevens in the 1970s.  I said as such when he graced me with a copy so I would write an arc for him if I were so inclined.  A year later this bad bitch is still holding up!  God bless him for this one, you won’t be sorry if you aren’t a reader that needs hand holding trigger warning and politically correct content to give you a neutered action sequence.  White exploitation at its finest, a modern Big Bad Mama mixed in with the villain from Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold.  This book is what crime fiction is all about.  That Elmore Leonard Rum Punch thing, with these broken bitches that have been down in the gutter selling pussy for peanuts that they are going to make their mark best they can or die trying.

And the very ending…man it’s like a Columbo Scared Straight psychological very bad Afterschool Special event.  Read this motherfucking book once before you die.