Spare The Controller & Spoil The Game

As much as it may shock people, satire just isn't the center of my universe (well, at least on the weekends its not).  A chick has to have her downtime sometime.  Thanks to Fred and the cool team over at OpNoobs, I'm in a little bit of infamy of writing game reviews and opinion editorial pieces about PC titles.  Yeah, we are purists like that.  Imagine my shock that they were willing to publish something I had an opinion on, and even asked for extra helpings.  They just didn't know what they were getting into.  Many have been published, some haven't.  A glamorous life, right?  Well, here is the complete, uncensored, unbought, and unbiased rants and raves of a lot of known and not so known titles guaranteed to make you cringe the next time you pass Game Stop.  


You're welcome OpNoobs for the shameless plugging. laugh

Video Game Reviews & Casual Bitchfest 2016