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Heil Ballet Hitler: Rogers & Hammerstein announce new Broadway show based on the ballet life of Adolph Hitler in his early years

HEIL BALLET HITLER A New Broadway Musical Book by Gwendolyn L. Spelvin, Music by King Crimson, Lyrics by The Third Reich at tba The musical follows the mesmerizing journey of the inquisitive and charmingly shy but young Adolph Hitler who turns the streets of Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria-Hungary into a dancing world of his […]

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Ronnie’s Raygun: The first condom ever used by Ronald Reagan as an actor in Hollywood goes up for auction this week from his estate collection.

The estate of Ronald Reagan, in conjunction with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, has decided to auction a piece of scandal history of the former pro-life conservative president. Among the offerings of the auction are memorabilia from Reagan’s Hollywood B-List acting days, spanning his first attempt at stardom with infamy groupies early in his career […]

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Lesbians In The City: Betty White announces plans for a tell-all book about her affair with Margaret Thatcher in honor of Brexit vote.

Betty White has done a lot in her life.  And according to her, there is still more to tell. Her new book entitled “Lesbians In The City” is a tell all book that chronicles her brief affair with former British Prime minister Margaret Thatcher back in the 1970s.  After outing their affair earlier this year, […]

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Josephine Baker becomes 1st Woman to Appear on $100 Bill to strengthen ties with sexuality and equality

Singer/actress Josephine Baker has become the designated first lady as a ‘political endeavor’ is made to show solidarity in gender equality and civil rights. Josephine Baker on the US $100 note. Photograph: US Treasury WASHINGTON DC – Josephine Baker will soon be the headline attraction on US one hundred dollar bank notes, ending the 89 […]

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The Jacksons Sue Donald Trump For Violating Their ‘Victory Tour’ Trademark

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Jacksons have filed a trademark lawsuit against Donald Trump and his transition team, claiming Trump’s ‘Victory Tour’ infringes on their legacy to the name. Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon Jackson filed the amended complaint in civil court Thursday, stipulating that they own exclusive rights to the name after their highly […]

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The Parallel Lives of Jeb Bush & Leon Trotsky

Nothing says political ambitions like A Republican and a Communist. Photo: Bush Family Archives. A tale of two men paralleled by fate at different marks in history.  Jeb Bush never knew Leon Trotsky personally; Trotsky was already dead a decade by the time he was born.  However, the humorous similarities between the two men make […]

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Taking It To The Streets – Hilary Clinton’s new campaign strategy to pull in homeless voters.

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addresses the homeless in shelters.  Photo: Archives. ATLANTA, GA – Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton in a brave new campaign strategy is reaching out to potential voters on the street in tent cities and in homeless shelters.  Clinton has pledged to blend in among the […]

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