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Kathy Rain: A Frustrating Cynical Mystery

By Gwendolyn L. Spelvin Once upon a time in a SNES era textured world, was an alcoholic collegiate named Kathy, who’s pixelated ambitions revolved around sleeping off a hangover and having a cigarette.  Thanks in part to an unlikely nosy roommate, Kathy is thrown head first back into her estranged past and left to find […]

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Paws: The Call Of The Wild Ignored

By Gwendolyn L. Spelvin Once upon a time in a N64 era textured land far way, lived the lynx Inna and her cubs.  One particularly yellow pixelated cub that looked like none of the others fed into curious temptation and wandered away.  Lost, and not a bit worried, the little cub playfully explores the vast […]

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The Pinball Arcade Has Run Out Of Tilts

By Gwendolyn L. Spelvin Once upon a time on the PC platform, FarSight Studios developed a virtual pinball simulator that took players back to a simpler time when arcades ruled the roost.  By some miracle on a wing and a prayer, they were able to secure licensing rights to timeless pinball machines from Williams, Gottlieb, […]

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