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Governor Of Poker Conquers Texas Every Time

By Gwendolyn L. Spelvin The Governor Of Poker franchise is a misunderstood Texas Hold Em’ poker genre entry; unlike its contemporaries who are a dime a dozen, Governor of Poker ties in a unique storyline that makes players table champions and poker real estate tycoon similar to the dynamic of Monopoly. Be forewarned, this isn’t […]

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Fat Chicken Needs To Be Flipped The Bird

By Gwendolyn L. Spelvin Whenever an entry comes into the stratosphere named Fat Chicken, great things are expected, just off the title alone.  When the developer takes the initiative to boldly proclaim a moniker entitled Relevant Games, the stakes are set even higher.  So imagine the shock and awe when the “relevant” developer creates a […]

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Family Guy: Back To The Drawing Board

By Gwendolyn L. Spelvin The Family Guy franchise hasn’t had that much good luck on any gaming platform since they debuted the first entry on consoles back in 2006.  Since then, each title has a different developer, different platform focus, and different genre style that parodies the show in the worst episodic way imaginable. Thanks […]

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The ABC Murderer Forgot To Kill Off Agatha Christie

By Gwendolyn L. Spelvin It takes a special game developer to create a title that has an awesome, curiosity peaked trailer only to turn back around and make any astute gamer hate the fact that the entire development team’s parents lacked the usage of birth control and therefore are partially responsible for the boondoggle of […]

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101 Ways (For Your Computer) To Die

By Gwendolyn L. Spelvin 101 Ways To Die should have metaphorically killed at the gaming box office.  But it didn’t. For all of the great concepts, graphics, and ideas, Vision Games Publishing and parent company Four Door Lemon turned what should have been game of the year into a very bad after school special.  The […]

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