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There is no secret that I am one of the most blackballed writers in crime fiction. Such is the life of Articulate Madness. 

A badge I wear proudly because it means I’ve done my job as a writer and really gotten under people’s skin with the contents held on my pages (this includes Amazon, which was a battle and a half).  In that regard I stand in the glory of my literary heroes like Jackie Collins, who underwent a tremendous amount of scrutiny in her career, for writing about things people don’t think I should write about.  I know a lot of people who experience the same thing, like Alec Cizak, a fantastic writer and one of the people responsible for giving me my big break.  Had it not been for his defiance I never would have released my play under his imprint Uncle B. Publications as a book and gotten the Pulitzer Nomination for fiction.  Of late it’s been Frank Zafiro, one hell of a writer in his own time, and the Bad Boy of Aussie Crime Fiction A.B. Patterson, the guy that eloquently described a victim with cum in her hair that disheveled the majority of the indie crime fiction community in Harry Kenmare.

As the latest censorship saga from the virtue signalers in the shadows wages on, I’ve decided to add a review blog onto my website.  I know a lot of great writers that don’t get their due.  I know a lot of great writers who write as I do, dirty, gritty, uncompromised and unapologetic, who have few spaces to have their books reviewed and looked at.  This “blackballing” a few assholes due within the scenes has damaged not just the writers but the reading community.  Anybody that’s been on Twitter in the last ten years has seen it.  It’s a shit show.  Writers I respect cannot get reviews without compromise, not even on good reads.  It’s hard enough writing the book but having a group intent on stopping promotion and adverts is quite frankly infuriating.

Since I’ve had this site the last five years I’ve tried a few things here and there, always going back to satire because its peaceful.  Howsoever, I have my own platform and was recently self reminded that I can say whatever the fuck I want how I want when I want and where I want. The virtue signalers cannot come here.  This is my playground.  Fuck around here and truly find out.  There is no censorship brigade waiving their flag of cancellation.  This is a safe space to say what the fuck I feel if I need to and misspell a word or two if I’m feeling lazy without the alphabet police sending assassins to question my credibility as a writer because they don’t like something or another.

So I’m going to use my blog space to do reviews about books I like and shit going on in the writing world I don’t like.  Maybe every now and then I might discuss some shit I’m doing or have done, and take questions from the audience.

Email me at blog (at) articulatemadness.com.  If I can get to it I will, but no promises.

Now here’s a disclaimer.  There are millions of books in the world.  I’m only going to review that I’ve read that have made an impression on me. I already write arcs when asked – this is a continuation of that.  If I don’t like the book I don’t write the arc.  If the book is shit, its shit.  I’m not trading reviews for favor.  I have no problem checking something out if asked and in a genre of books I like – for instance I don’t like horror and don’t read them – but outside of that nope.  Most people don’t have nerve enough to ask me to read their novels anyway, so I’m not worried about that.  But I am an avid reader, not just a writer.  So I can give a bit of love to the people that do what I do and do it damn well like I do.

I’m not a review service.  I’m Articulate Madness.   It’s just me.  I got a shit of work that I do in real life and I get to this as a bit of relaxation.  I’m taking the dates off so people don’t lose their shit if it isn’t a plethora of content day in and day out.  It’s not just pigeonholed to one genre.  If you have trigger warnings on your book my entire post will be to clown you for handicapping your book in political correctness bullshit.  If I open it and its not for me I can close the book without warning and YOU CAN TOO.  It’s real simple.  Watch a YouTube video on how to close a book.

In the meantime can we just talk about how fucking cool it is to see Bea Arthur singing “Black Boys Are Delicious”? Talk about Sesame Street pinball number count levels of awesome.   It just gives life.  What makes this is her innate ability to sing it like a drunk Ethel Merman off key and still wind back up on the beat!  And the jazz thing, the black boys running behind her – all of it is pure gold.  Gold I tell you.  If that doesn’t do it for you then put your Celine Dion CD back in and let your heart go on the fuck off my page.

This is what a good writer lives for.

Stay tuned.