About Articulate Madness

About Articulate Madness

Who is Articulate Madness???

“Tia Ja’nae (and her pseudonym Gwendolyn L. Spelvin) is an award-nominated writer, author, playwright, filmmaker, journalist, poet, and screenwriter. Her work in fiction includes Ghosts On The Block Never Sleep (Uncle B. Publications), Cunt Classics, editor of Now That’s A Story! Anthology (Uncle B. Publications), Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: Recoil (Shotgun Honey), Tough: Crime Stories 2 (Redneck Press), and 45th Parallel Magazine (Oregon State University Press). She wrote Loose Squares: A Two Act Play (Uncle B. Publications) which is featured in the Puddingstone Creatives Play Reading Series.

Recognized as classified by order of the government, she’s been interviewed and featured by such alternative outlets as ACTV, Punk Noir At The Bar, Pulp Modern Live, Econoclash Live. Her short stories have become known and featured in critically acclaimed publications as Punk Noir Magazine, Pulp Modern, Econoclash Review, 365 Tomorrows, Flashback Fiction, Tough Magazine, Humor Outcasts.

In her spare time she is a Trekkie, and routinely classified by the order of your government.



Graphic Design

Articulate Madness is also a creative concept that includes, but is not limited to, creating innovative solutions that inspire, and indulge unforgettable relationships between brands and their clients. With a focus on branding and UI / Web, Articulate Madness strives to create memorable end products that clients want to bring more attention to their brand.


Our Fantastic Team

Mila Slavko

CEO – Main Architect

Austin Evon

Co-manager associated

Mery Insi

Architect – Designer

Jon Twist

Architect – Designer

David Gray


Mery Spears

Designer – Photographer