The Official Cypher Of Articulate Madness

Welcome to Articulate Madness.


Initially this site started off as an online platform to archive written work. Since then Articulate Madness has had nine lives of sorts. It’s been a Twitter clone and two other custom social media sites. It’s been an indie writer’s site. It’s been a safe haven for my satirical work. Overall, it seems once a year I go through a website midlife crisis of what it should be. As it stands it is a haven for the best satirical obituaries on the net.

My writing career has been quite interesting. I’ve gotten a Pulitzer nomination for a play I wrote called Loose Squares. My novel Ghosts On The Block Never Sleep debuted Black Friday 2021 and earned me a Chinaski Award. I also spent the latter part of six months battling Amazon for censoring and shadowbanning my novel, but that’s another discussion rant you can find if you look hard enough.

Without further ado, I’m back to basics with my satire.

One of the reasons I’m turning this site into my obituary heaven is because I enjoy writing satire and definitely enjoy writing obituaries. Call it a humorous morbidity of the satirical kind. There really isn’t anywhere else for it to be. Most editors of reputable satire sites are up their own asses trying to keep up with G-rated political humor and find my stuff too edgy, raw, controversial, Black, or whatever. Lawsuits for talking about companies also doesn’t help. So I figure I have no excuse if I’m on my own shit. I can say what I want and not worry about the PC police pissed off that I like to offend snowflakes that wouldn’t laugh at a Richard Pryor concert.

Articulate Madness going forward will be nothing but uncensored, unadulterated, and unbiased in satirical coverage of obituaries. Many of my fictitious dead and gone of people and publishers have been featured in a lot of publications which are easy to find if you know where to look. From here on out all obituaries will be featured here and only here. There will be no more publishing with others. You get them from me from the source or you don’t get them.

So here I am, rising in the shadows of my own sick sense of humor.

Articulate Madness now offers the world highly acclaimed, universally tweeted, and re-imagined obituaries that hopefully will create spontaneous laughter that cannot be held in. After being rejected from some of the most ultraconservative satire sites on the net, Articulate Madness now enjoys a daily readership of a goo gob amount a people that have broken every calculator known to man, and is enough to make CNN and FOX jealous.

Welcome to the cypher of Articulate Madness (and no, Elon Musk isn’t about to buy this to add it to Twitter).

Tia Ja’nae
Editor & Founder

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